Fall 2013

Fall 2013

January 18, 2014

{ Eight is great! }

Here's the first picture of my little sleepyhead as an 8 year old!  

It's hard to believe it's birthday time again and that Harrison has been with us for 8 years!  His favorites  right now are Minecraft, Legos and anything football.  He loves the color red and going to school - especially field trip day when he gets to ride the school bus!  :)  He is a sweet little brother (most of the time) to his sisters and even though they bug him at times, he really misses them when they aren't around.  I can't imagine our family without our favorite 8 year old!

Happy Birthday, Harrison!  Eight is going to be awesome!


Granna said...

Happy birthday to the sweetest 8 year old! Love that boy!

Elle Sees said...

hehe too sweet! happy belated to him!