Fall 2013

Fall 2013

March 15, 2014

{ Harrison's 1st Turkey Hunt }

Lee decided it was finally time for Harrison to go on his first turkey hunt.  He's not ready to shoot yet, but he wanted Harrison to learn to listen for the gobblers and see how hunting is done.  They got out of bed before 5am, joined Kirk and his boys, Mitchell and Michael, and headed out towards Ripley, MS.

 This sleepyhead is ready to go!

Here are the boys before they headed into the woods.
Lee and Harrison got situated in the woods and put on their masks.
Harrison told Lee, "I don't think the turkeys are coming," and promptly went to sleep!  
 Here's Lee's view of the top of Harrison's head.  
They didn't get a turkey today, but Lee was happy he got to hear the turkey gobble.  Lee is a great turkey caller and can easily get the turkeys to respond.  Harrison loved it and says he definitely wants to go again.

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