Fall 2013

Fall 2013

March 17, 2014

{ Lately }

We've had a few days of glorious weather followed by the same old cold weather.  SO ready for spring to get here for good.  Here are some recent iPhone pics!

Anna Grace started wearing contacts several weeks ago and says this is her first "official" no glasses pic!  Even though it was taken awhile back, I just love it and wanted to include it since I'm adding pics from my phone.

Ben took these two mud riding on his Razor.  They had a big time!
Someone picked out a new sea lion at the zoo...
 and then hatched out of an egg!
Sarah was pumped about her Tram Stamp...
and Cam and Harrison are busy taking a selfie!
 Emma Taylor is busy making cupcakes for her doll's birthday.
 The boys doing some fancy dribbling.
 Lazy Spring Break day!
 One of AG's selfies - Pretty blue eyes.
Anna Grace and her best friend, Lilli.  They LOVE some selfies!  
St. Patty's Day toes!
My two little leprechauns.  No pinches for these kids.
The kids headed back to school today after a nice week off for Spring Break.  It was rough getting up early again this morning, but we sure are enjoying the longer daylight in the evenings.  Bring on SPRING!

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