Fall 2013

Fall 2013

November 28, 2014

{ Thanksgiving 2014 }

We had a wonderful with lots of the extended family at Karen and Ronald's house this year.  Here are some of the family pictures mom took.

Carolyn's family.  Uncle Max was even feeling well enough to join us!
 Pat's family
 Our Family.  Cam was the only kid from our family there this year.
 Karen's family
Group pics.
 The crazy pic!
 Claire looking precious in her turkey outfit!
Kaydee and Luke taking a break with Cameron, Ethan and Hanna.  
Luke doesn't look to sure about Cam!
 Mom snapped a picture of me with Lee before we headed home.  Thankful for this guy!
What a great Thanksgiving!  We missed the rest of the family who couldn't be there, but really enjoyed those we don't see very often.  Thankful for family!

We had Thanksgiving with Lee's family and all the kids last Sunday.  We had a great time, but didn't take one picture!  Oops!  I'm spoiled because when my side of the family is together mom takes the pictures and I just get to steal them.  :)

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