Fall 2013

Fall 2013

November 20, 2014

{ Thanksgiving Feast and the Ugly Turkey }

The third grade classes put together a Thanksgiving feast and program yesterday.  Harrison's class did "The Ugly Turkey" and all the kids had a small speaking part.  He's not a huge fan of being on stage, but did a great job with his little part!

 Harrison is Narrator #2.
Vara, Kaylie, Dayton, Talan, Harrison and Phaness were all narrators.  Jace, Faith, Emilee, Mo and Drew were some of the turkeys.  I sat so close that I wasn't able to get a group shot of the whole class.
 I helped some of the other room moms serve at the feast.  We had TONS of food and it was all delicious!  I ordered chicken and dressing from Endville Bakery and it was really good!

 Harrison with his buddies Connor and Mohammed
Me and my favorite little turkey!
 Two of his biggest fans.  
They got a big kick out of the show and he loved having Granna and Papa D there!  

One more day and then we have a whole week off for Thanksgiving.  Thankful for that for sure!

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