Fall 2013

Fall 2013

December 25, 2014

{ 9th Annual PJ Brunch }

We enjoyed our traditional PJ Brunch at Granna and Papa D's house, as always!  Here are a few pics from the morning.

My little family.
Dad and I wearing our matching buffalo check (mine in honor of last week's Disney trip.)
Ben's fam
Duncan girls

Morgan and Paige
 Sweet Luke
 Spoiling Luke
 Gigi and Papa Ron
 Matt and Courtney
 Karen with her girls and Luke
Kaydee, Justin and Luke
 Me and my baby girl
Ben and Harrison
My girls!  :)
 I love the pictures of the whole group!  Always a few crazy ones and finally a serious one.

 We had lots of great food and tons of fun together this morning.  I love our PJ Brunch tradition!

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