Fall 2013

Fall 2013

December 25, 2014

{ Merry Christmas Morning! }

The kids headed downstairs this morning at 7:30 to see what Santa left for them.  I guess our elf, Snoopy, told Santa they were all good since they all got some pretty nice loot!

Emma Taylor woke Harrison up, so he was half asleep trying to check things out.

Emma Taylor was wide awake.   The iPad was her favorite gift!
Knox was happy with his treats and new bowls.
 Busy playing Mario Kart 7.
 Emma Taylor in her giraffe  J.Animals.  Oh goodness!

Lee picked the girls up so they could see what Santa left in their stockings.  They got lots of good stuff too!

What a great morning.  :) Next stop, Granna and Papa D's house for PJ Brunch!

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