Fall 2013

Fall 2013

April 22, 2009

Harrison....the Toothless Wonder!

Harrison has been pretty tough on one of his front teeth lately and ended up injuring it so badly that he had to have it pulled. I really dreaded it for him, but he was such a big boy and did great at the dentist yesterday! He never whined or complained and didn't seem to be uncomfortable at all. Now we're getting used to his toothless grin!

He's going to have to heal up for a month and head back to the dentist so they can do an impression in order to make his new "tooth." I'll sure be glad when he's all patched up and back to normal!

On a happy note, Harrison was SO excited about leaving his tooth for the Tooth Fairy last night! Aunt Pat made the cutest Tooth Fairy pillow for us, so he was able to leave his tooth in a spot where the Tooth Fairy was sure to find it. He hung the pillow on his doorknob before bed and hoped for a treat from the Tooth Fairy in the morning.

Harrison woke up with Emma Taylor shoving a $5 bill in his face...I actually think she was more excited than he was! I took him to Wal-Mart to spend his money this afternoon and he picked out some new trucks. What a surprise! :)


Granna said...

Still a cute smile!!

Heather said...

He's so precious!!! Glad the tooth fairy came to visit and that he did so well!!