Fall 2013

Fall 2013

April 6, 2009

Finally Outside!

We had some beautiful weather this weekend, so the kids took advantage of it. They spent most of the weekend playing outside. They rode their bikes and scooters, played school in the playhouse and even had a flower market where they sold flowers (weeds!) in the backyard.

Here's Emma Taylor getting ready to mow.

Here's Harrison with both fists full of trucks!

Here's Sarah doing the splits....this is so impressive I just had to include it!

And here's Anna Grace flashing her peace sign!

Double Trouble!

Harrison helped the girls pick flowers.

Granna is such a great customer at the flower market!

It's a good thing they enjoyed themselves this weekend. The weather has turned cold, AGAIN!

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Granna said...

I love my flowers! It's the best $4.00 I ever spent! Such cute pictures!