Fall 2013

Fall 2013

December 27, 2010

Disney - day 2 (tie-dye day!)

We all dressed in our matching tie-dye shirts for our first full day at the Magic Kingdom.  It may be silly, but I thought they were cute (thanks for the idea, Heather!) and it was an easy way to keep up with everyone!  Lee even wore one willingly and said he'd never gotten so many compliments on his clothing in one day!  Ha!

We headed straight to Cinderella's Castle to have breakfast at her Royal Table.  This is probably once of my most memorable meals ever.  It was SO much fun!

 Snow White
 Princess Aurora
Belle passing out the Wishing Stars...kids loved it!  The girls also got pretty wands and Harrison got a cool sword. 
 Me and Snow White...she was our favorite princess today!
 Lee loved her too!
She gave Harrison a big ole red smooch on the cheek, but we didn't get a picture before he started wiping it off!  So funny!
After feasting on our yummy breakfast (I'd highly recommend the stuffed french toast!) we headed to the Haunted Mansion.  I didn't think Emma Taylor would ride it since it was called "Haunted" but she loved it!
The kids all think it's hysterical that a "ghost" rides with you!
 Poor AG, all locked up!
Donald Duck or as Harrison says, "Donald THE Duck."
Lee and I rode Thunder Mountain with the big girls, which we all loved!  We made it out just in time to meet for pictures and autographs with Woody and Jessie!
Riding the Magic Carpet

and the train
Next we rode Pirates of the Caribbean.  Check out our little pirates!
Harrison and Pirate Goofy!
The whole gang, minus our awesome photographer!
 Jungle Cruise
 Magic Kingdom's pretty tree!
Headed back to the hotel for a break...the kids are getting a little silly.  Here they are stomping on Lee's shadow.  Notice the cool wand and sword...tons of fun to keep up with all day.  :)
Back at the resort playing with hula hoops and giant legos!
After our rest, we headed Hollywood Studios to see Fantasmic.  It was a fabulous show filled with characters, lasers, lights and fireworks.  One of my favorite shows of the week.  The whole crew loved it!

While we were waiting for Fantasmic, Lee and Sarah rode Tower of Terror. It was too scary for the rest of us, but Sarah is our adventurous one. She was the only one brave enough to ride it with Lee and she loved it!
Hollywood Studios Tree....each park has it's own awesomely decorated tree!


Granna said...

Wow, this looks fun!! Love the shirts on all of you. You are fortunate that Lee captured all these memories!

Trisha said...

Great pictures. Looks like the weather was nice...jeans and t-shirts. So much better than a HOT summer day. Looking forward to more pics.

heather said...

Weather was awesome! We had one cold day and a few hours of rain....the rest of the week was picture perfect!