Fall 2013

Fall 2013

December 29, 2010

Disney - day 3 (hat day!)

Today we slept late and woke up to some rainy weather.  We put on our ponchos and raincoats, picked up some hats at the gift shop and we were ready to go.  Rain definitely didn't keep us away!

We headed to EPCOT for our character lunch at Akershus in the Norway pavillion.  Norway is home to the Maelstrom ride. The kids loved this boat ride so we rode it several times during the week!

We'd already seen most of the princesses, but were excited to see Belle in her formal dress.
We were all pumped to see Princess Jasmine too!
sweet siblings
two more!
 gotta stop and play the drums!
Here we are in Germany.  Memaw bought us all Christmas ornaments in one of these shops so we could remember our fun family trip every Christmas!
Meeting Chip 'n Dale
and Marie
Hanging out in Canada

Stopping for a snack

 Harrison and "Fluto."  Pluto quickly became his favorite Disney character.
 Hat Heads
Our favorite attractions at EPCOT were Soarin' and Test Track.  Both were so much fun!  Soarin' simulates gliding through San Francisco and wine country in a hang glider, which was really awesome.  Test Track is an attraction sponsored by GM and demonstrated how cars are tested before being sold.  We rode in a car and went through different steps of the testing process and finished up with a wild road test at about 70 miles per hour.   We were pretty surprised at the crazy, but super fun ending!

We finished off the evening with cookies and hot chocolate.
 Looks like we're ready for some rest!
Good night!

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Heather said...

Epcot is my FAVORITE!!! More cute pics!!!