Fall 2013

Fall 2013

May 8, 2011

look mommy...no training wheels!

Big girl decided today was the day to ditch the training wheels!

Papa D took them off since we were over at his house for Mother's Day.  He aired up her tires and she was good to go.  She started off a little wobbly and even crashed into the fence across the street (no worries, she wasn't hurt!), but this is Emma Taylor after just a little practice!
Way to go, girl!  So proud of you!

Harrison decided he wanted in on the action, too.  After hanging out with Cameron all afternoon and watching him ride his bike, Harrison got serious about wanting to ride a bike too.  He has scooters and big wheels, but no bike, so we stopped and picked up one for him on the way home.   
Look at that concentration!  Big boy is finally getting the hang of it!  My babies are getting big!

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