Fall 2013

Fall 2013

May 22, 2011

dance recital 2011

Dance recital time is always an exciting time at our house.  This year Sarah and Emma Taylor both participated in the recital for Kari's Studio.  Here they are getting ready to go! 
I just love dance recital costumes!  Aren't they cute?

Anna Grace showing her sisterly support.
We headed off to the Civic Auditorium to meet the rest of the family for the performance.  Sarah's group performed first.  Since she's in cheer, so they did a dance and some stunts.  She did awesome!
Sarah loves cheer and is a fearless tumbler!  Go girl!
Emma Taylor waiting patiently backstage.
Emma Taylor's group did two dances to Rock Around the Clock and Rockin' Robin.  I loved their poodle skirt costumes!
The recital was really entertaining and our girls did a great job.  We are so proud of them!
We took some pictures after the recital.  Here are the girls with their congratulatory flowers!  They LOVE this part!
Lee and Sarah
Emma Taylor and me
the whole family
Dance recitals are fun!  Til next year...

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Granna said...

It was a great recital! Both girls did so well and looked so cute! You forgot to mention that after the recital we all went out for Mexican to celebrate the recital and your birthday. Cupcakes were involved!!