Fall 2013

Fall 2013

May 20, 2011

time to split!

Emma Taylor's class celebrated the end of the year with a Banana Split party.  Harrison had been wanting to have lunch with Emma Taylor this year so he'd know what to expect when he started kindergarten at Saltillo Primary next year.  The year got away from me ( I know, bad momma!), so I decided today was the day to let him check it out and party with the 2nd graders!  Emma Taylor's class was eating lunch in their classroom today, so we stopped at the cafeteria and picked up a piece of pizza so Harrison could join them. 

After they ate, Emma Taylor showed Harrison around her room.  She was really being sweet!  He's been to her school plenty of times, but it's always been all about Emma Taylor when we've been there.  Today she helped make it all about him and showed him what he needed to know to be ready for school in August.  He was even able to visit a few of the kindergarten classrooms, which he thought was really cool. 
Emma Taylor had a fantastic teacher this year.  We will miss Mrs. Crawford, big time!
Me and my girl!
Emma Taylor was so fortunate to have a group of sweet girls in the class!
Addi, Avery Kate, Emma Taylor
Sloane, Alexis, Madalynn, Ali Grace, Reese, LilyCate and Elliana

After pictures, it was party time.  The kids feasted on banana splits and sundaes with every topping imagineable.  Such a fun way to end the school year.  We're looking forward to a great summer!  :)

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