Fall 2013

Fall 2013

May 19, 2012

{ School's Out for the Summer }

Last trip to school as 3rd grader and kindergartener!

The school year has really flown by this year.  I know I say that every year, but this year it seems even faster than usual.  The kids finished up their last day of school having fun with their friends!

Emma Taylor's class had just finished up a dance party when I made it to pick her up.

Kelsey, Emma Taylor and Ansley

 a muppet she made in class

Sweet Mrs. Smith - love her!

Harrison's class sang and danced to "Kindergarten Rock."  Some of the kids really got into it.  Harrison wasn't one of them!  He acted like it was totally embarrassing, but it was super cute anyway!

They each received their kindergarten diploma...Harrison was so fast that I couldn't even get a picture of him picking up the certificate!

 Best buds...Harrison, Will and Kaden

Wonderful Mrs. Evans...he's going to be sad when he gets to 1st grade and realizes she's not his teacher.  She has been such a blessing this year.

Everyone had a great time this school year.  Hard to believe we officially have a 7th grader, two 4th graders and a 1st grader!  Whoa!

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