Fall 2013

Fall 2013

December 11, 2012

{ Saltillo Christmas Parade }

We knew three of the stars in the Saltillo Christmas parade this year!  Sarah's cheerleading squad cheered in the parade and Ben and Cameron represented his office in the parade.  It was fun and festive for sure!

Emma Taylor and Harrison were waiting for our celebrities to come along!  Turns out they were actually little celebrities too...ended up seeing them on the local news later in the evening!
Here comes Sarah!  GO MAGS!
She's all bundled up!   Look at her rosy cheeks....it was COLD!
 Ben pulled the float...
 in a Santa hat!
Here's Cameron!
He finally gave me a little wave!

We had a great time at the parade!  

I recently told the kids a story about a time when I went to the Tupelo Christmas parade as a kid.  Back then, the Tupelo parade was at night, so it was hard to see the ground as people on the floats were throwing out candy.  I finally ran out to pick up some candy, only to find out that it was a rock!  I was SO mad and I just threw it down.  They think the story is hilarious!  

Since the Saltillo parade is also at night, they were all afraid of picking up rocks!  Ha!  Thankfully, they didn't end up with rocks, but pockets full of candy.  Just what we needed!  :)

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