Fall 2013

Fall 2013

February 7, 2013

{ Valentine Baking with Granna }

Granna did some baking with the kids at Christmas, but they ran out of steam before we could make Spritz cookies.  They all love to use the cookie gun, so we decided to do some more baking for Valentine's Day and we made the Spritz cookies first!

Cameron and Anna Grace sifting.
 Sarah stirring.
Emma Taylor loves pressing out the cookies!
This is the only part Harrison was interested in.  He was ticked that Cameron wanted to bake and wouldn't play outside with him.  :)
Boys taking turns.
Sister is serious!  
Five decorating cuties!
Ready for the oven.
You can never have too many sprinkles, right?

Now for our favorite holiday pretzel treats!  

Anna Grace and Sarah were the only ones still interested at this point.  They are excellent pretzel treat makers!  Anna Grace arranged the pretzels while Sarah unwrapped the Hugs.

In addition to the regular Hugs, Granna bought the raspberry and white chocolate flavored Hugs since they were red and white.  They made the cutest treats for Valentine's Day and they tasted SUPER!  If you're making these treats for Valentine's Day, you should definitely try this version!

Aren't they cute!?

Granna and the kids made all of this stuff on Sunday and it was gone by Tuesday.  I could eat the whole pan of pretzel treats myself.  Yum!

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