Fall 2013

Fall 2013

February 19, 2013

{ Max the Turtle }

Harrison found a tiny turtle while he was in McComb this weekend and begged to bring it home!

He got a frog habitat for his birthday, so I said he could keep his turtle in there for a little while.  We don't know much about keeping a turtle as a pet, but we knew they needed to eat something.  Harrison said turtles eat worms, so he and Emma Taylor dug some up at Granna and Papa D's house yesterday.  Yuck!

Since I didn't want to get involved in the business of digging up worms I bought him some reptile food.  Smells delicious, let me tell ya!

I know he won't get to live with us long, but the kids will enjoy him for awhile then we'll take him down to the lake and set him free.

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