Fall 2013

Fall 2013

February 5, 2013

{ Wet Paint Party }

Harrison had been dying for February 2nd to arrive...the day of his 7th birthday party!

Harrison is all about football these days, so he wanted a football themed party and obviously wore his favorite jersey (I told you he loved that thing!).

Here he is, hard at work, with dragon he painted.

The artwork the kids painted won't be ready for about a week, so we sent the kids home with a small treat to let them know they'd get their real party favor soon!

He had a wonderful group of friends come to his party.  They had a great time creating their pottery masterpieces!  The boys painted things like dragons, football helmets, and vehicles while the girls painted pretty flower banks, hippos with polished toenails and sprinkled ice cream bowls!

Jude and his MSU football helmet.

 Cameron and his bulldog.

 Tristan and his football bank.

 Sam and Grey both painted Hummers.

 Quinn and Landon with their lizard and truck.

 Kaden and his dinosaur.

Anna Grace painted a precious ice cream dish.

Emma Taylor and Sarah painted tiny teacups to use at their next tea party!

Grace created this cute flower bank.

Margaret Ann is hard at work on her hippo.

 Kailey painted her very own bulldog.

We finished painting and had pizza. football cupcakes and ice-cream!

Finally we made it to Harrison's favorite part...the presents!  He got some fun things from his sweet friends!

Before they left, the party guests signed a birthday plate to help Harrison remember his 7th birthday!
A few family pics...

Cora Beth was so sweet today...and every day!

Looks like Lee escaped all the pictures..I think it was strategic!  :)  Thankfully he and mom took most all of the pictures.  I was too busy!

Harrison loved celebrating his 7th birthday Wet Paint style!  A big thanks to all of his friends and family for making his day super special!

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Granna said...

It was a fun party!