Fall 2013

Fall 2013

August 20, 2013

{ a day at the lake and a new cousin! }

The weather has been gorgeous and unseasonably cool lately, so we decided to take the kids to the lake on Saturday.  I think the high temperature of the day was around 82.  Perfect!

 Kevin, Jennifer and Kailey came with us, so we had extra entertainment.
swimsuit twins!

The kids always like to swim, but this time they got a little braver.  They jumped off the rocks at the lake, about 10 feet into the water.  Such fun!

 Sarah went first!
 Emma Taylor
Anna Grace
Harrison jumped too, but somehow I didn't get a picture.  Good thing he doesn't read this blog, he'd be ticked!  :)
 The girls needed a snack.

The kids loved skipping rocks.
 We stopped at the waterfall to see all the people jumping off.  It's really pretty in that cove.
After awhile, our daredevil begged to jump.  She finally talked Lee into it, which meant he had to jump too.  Yikes!

Here she goes!  
She landed pretty hard on her legs and ended up with some bruises.  It scared me to death, but she was so pumped and excited about it that the pain was completely worth it! 

Here's Lee.  I was SO happy when these two were back in the boat.  Whew!
a bunch a posing girls!
We sure enjoyed our day at the lake!  


In other news, Amy and Eric welcomed Claire Elisabeth into the world this afternoon!
She weighs 9lbs 8oz and is 21 inches long.  Isn't she cute!?

Hanna, Hayden and Ethan sure think so!
They're super excited about their baby sister!  Amy and Eric are pretty excited to have their family complete too.  Amy's doing well and will be headed home on Friday.  I hope we get to meet Claire before too long!  Congrats to the Nelsons!

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