Fall 2013

Fall 2013

August 7, 2013

{ Back to School }

The kids started back to school today.  The summer has flown by, but they seemed excited to get back in the groove.  Emma Taylor and Harrison both popped out of bed this morning with no problem and were ready to go!  Gotta love a smooth morning on the first day of school!

My 5th and 2nd graders!
 They both look sleepy!  
Here's Emma Taylor with Mrs. Whitfield.  We took this picture yesterday at open house.
Mrs. Whitfield is her homeroom teacher.  Her other teachers are Ms. Kimble and Ms. Weems.  All of her teachers seem very nice and excited about the school year!

Here's Harrison with his teacher, Mrs. Mims, and his assistant, Ms. Scales.  They were both full of energy this morning.  I love their matching Saltillo Tiger shirts!
Just a few more FDOS pics from my phone!

I hope they have a great day!  I can hardly wait to pick them up to see how the day went.  I'll have more back-to-school updates once the girls are back on Thursday!

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