Fall 2013

Fall 2013

August 29, 2013

{ Lunch with my boy! }

Harrison has been dying for me to come and eat lunch with him at school.  I finally made it today!  

Here he is with his friend, Connor.

These two are big buds this year.  They are in Mrs. Mims class together and also have the same teacher for Tiger Time.  

I got ready to leave and Harrison volunteered a big hug in the middle of the cafeteria.  That made sitting in a loud cafeteria on a stool big enough for just one butt cheek well worth it!  :)

SEC football begins tonight.  Woohoo!  Ole Miss plays Vandy, so we're pretty excited at our house!  Hoping to start the season off with a WIN!  

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Elle Sees said...

how sweet! my mom came to eat lunch with me once as a kid, and i loved the memory. i felt so cool, hehe