Fall 2013

Fall 2013

June 16, 2014

{ Some Swimming }

Since Ben had storm damage last month, he's had a room at the Hampton Inn.  They have a nice, little  pool so mom and I took the kids to swim one day last week.  They had a ball!

You know they couldn't make it through the afternoon without snacks!

 They fueled up and got back to their original silliness!
 Sweet sisters!
 I love all these pictures of them jumping.  These four really have fun wherever they go!

Thanks to mom for taking all these great pics!

I have more posts to catch up on...vacations and happenings around here, etc.  I hope to get caught up this week.  Since I've been writing this post, the Rebels just won the elimination game in the CWS.  It's been a nail biter.  Woohoo!

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