Fall 2013

Fall 2013

July 18, 2013

{ just us girls since the boys were at the water park }

Harrison was invited to go to Point Mallard, the water park in Decatur, with Lori and the boys yesterday.  H was pretty excited about it!  Lori was sweet to send me some pictures of their day!

 These boys had a ball!

I picked them up this morning, so they could spend the day with me, and they told me all about the fun they had.  They especially loved the lazy river and the wave pool and according to Cameron, there was one particular slide that they slid down "2 million times!"  I'm assuming that one was their favorite!  

The girls and I did some things that just the girls like to do.  Shop!  They all had a few dollars burning a hole in their pockets, so we stopped by Hobby Lobby and the mall.  Sarah is really good at making cheer bows for her hair.  Emma Taylor wanted to join the fun too, so she and Sarah bought ribbon so Sarah could do a bow tutorial when they got home!
We are all about ribbon that's 50% off!  Notice Anna Grace's hand...we stopped for ice cream and milk shakes.  I may or may not have had one too!  :)

Next stop, the mall to look at Ray Bans!
She liked the Wayfarers in black.  So cute!  She's still trying to decide if she wants these or a prescription pair.
Goofy girls!
The girls wanted to spend their money on the Spider Jump thing again!

Love that face!

They all had crazy hair!

 She loved being suspended just above the trampoline!
Finally home to make those bows!

A fun summer day!

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