Fall 2013

Fall 2013

July 25, 2013

{ Mississippi State Baseball Camp! }

Harrison had the opportunity to go to MSU Baseball Camp this week.  He was pretty excited.  It was an especially fun treat since the Bulldogs went to the College World Series just a few weeks ago!  They had camp in the Palmeiro Center and spent time at Dudy Noble Field, too.  Pretty cool!

Harrison was able to meet Coach Cohen, who gave them a pep-talk every morning! 
Harrison was on Squad 3 that consisted of 9 other boys.  They played actual games against other squads, which was fun.  They also did catching drills, batting drills and practiced pitching and sliding into base (on a Slip n Slide!).  He thought it was fantastic!

Emma Taylor thought it was pretty cool too.  While Harrison was busy practicing, she was able to get a quick picture taken with Wes Rea, our favorite first baseman!
We loved watching him play in the College World Series.  Emma Taylor said he was nice too!

Fun times!

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