Fall 2013

Fall 2013

July 29, 2013

{ monopoly night }

During dinner last night, Harrison asked if we could have family game night.  The kids LOVE it when we do it, so we cleared off the table and started a long game of Monopoly.
Harrison and I were on a team and the others all played on their own.

 Sarah thinks it's hilarious when Emma Taylor lands on her property and has to pay!

Now Sarah's a little ticked because things aren't going so well for her.
 Wheelin' and dealin'!
We have some houses and hotels in place, so this board is getting expensive.  Everyone gets nervous as they make it through the "rich neighborhood!"
 Harrison says he's a billionaire!
 Goofy girls!
Harrison and I were looking good until Anna Grace  and Lee put hotels on their properties, then we quickly went belly up!
 Somebody's excited!
Emma Taylor and Sarah went bankrupt.  Emma Taylor joined Anna Grace's team and Sarah joined Lee.
 Emma Taylor ran out of money, so now she's asking for donations in her hat!
 I thought AG was the winner.  This was her winner face.  :)
But then Sarah and Lee won it all.  AG said I jinxed her since I took the "winner" picture early.  Uh oh!

We loved spending the evening playing together!

This is our last full week of summer.  We've gotta make it count!  :)

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