Fall 2013

Fall 2013

July 6, 2013

{ U.S. Space and Rocket Center In Huntsville }

After a festive 4th of July, Belle and I decided to take the kids to Huntsville to the Space Center.  From Pickwick it only takes about 1.5 hours to get there, so it was a pretty easy drive.  All 5 of the kids loved it!
Let's do this!
We started with great weather, about 80 degrees and overcast.  

We saw lots of neat things, starting with information about Black Holes.  Here's Anna Grace making her membership card.  Her favorite part was taking the picture, of course! :)
 Everybody made one!
 I love their space names!  :)
Harrison is Space Boy, Sarah is Mini Girl, Emma Taylor is Astro Girl and Anna Grace is Galactic Girl.

Next we rode Mission to Mars, one of those fun simulators (it almost blends into the background!).  It started by showing us around Mars and then ended with a fun roller coaster at the Martian theme park.  We really felt like we were on the roller coaster.  Fun!
Quinn and Harrison are goofballs while we wait in line.
Getting ready for our trip to Mars!
The girls and I also rode the G-Force Accelerator where we experienced 3x the force of gravity as we spun in a circle.  The girls loved that one too!

Now time for the IMAX movie.  We saw Magnificent Desolation, a movie about visiting the moon.  
IMAX movies are fun and this one was really cool.

We checked out some other fun exhibits.

 My favorite astronauts!

We got caught in a little rain, but that didn't stop us!  Isn't this rocket huge?

 Apollo Missions
 Astronaut Emma Taylor
 They loved using these astronaut gloves.  Sarah said it wasn't as easy as it looked!
 Harrison in the big astronaut arms!
 I can't imagine traveling upside down in a space this small!

 The girls loved that there was Coke in space.  :)
 Proof that I was there with these kiddos...loved it!
Belle and I had a great day with the kids and they really seemed to enjoy it too!


Granna said...

Looks like a fun time!

Memaw said...

Great pictures and fun time!!