Fall 2013

Fall 2013

September 13, 2013

{ Student Council Campaigns }

Now that the youngest girls are in 5th grade they have the opportunity to run for Student Council Representatives for their classes.  The girls loved making posters to hang in the hallways at school.  They also had to prepare a 3 minute speech to deliver to their class.  I as so impressed with them.  I wouldn't have ever had the courage to do something like that when I was 10, so I'm so very proud of their courage!

They spent quite a bit of last weekend making their posters.  They came up with their own slogans with the help of the internet!
Anna Grace was also a big help to her sisters!  She loves the creative part, so she was happy to help!

Sarah had one poster that said, "Free Drinks on Me" that she hung over the water fountain.  So funny!

 Keep Calm and Vote Emma Taylor
"Be a Smartie"and "I have a class full of Smarties!" were two other slogans they used.  I found giant Smarties candy that they glued to the posters.  Such a fun idea!  
 We took these pictures to add to another poster.  They each had 3 posters in all.  

 Here are their campaign stickers.  
 Here's Emma Taylor on the first morning of the campaign.  
 This was her favorite poster, complete with a glittery crown.  
Both of the girls delivered their speeches to their class this morning.  They were a little nervous, but excited.  Today was also Hat and Sunglasses day.  

Though neither of the girls were elected this time, they had a great time running for Student Council Representative.  It was a great experience and I'm super proud of them!

**Turns out Emma Taylor will be serving on Student Council this year!  I got a call from her teacher saying that the two students with the top votes in each class will serve on Student Council as President and VP of their class.  She's excited about the opportunity to work with other kids throughout 5th grade!

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Granna said...

I am So proud of those girls! They are always "winners" in my book!