Fall 2013

Fall 2013

September 23, 2013

{ Sunday Afternoon }

We went to Granna and Papa D's for lunch on Sunday.  Granna made a great lunch...beef dip sandwiches (with her fave au jus!) and lots of other good stuff to go with it.  Ben, Lori and the boys were there too, so everyone had fun visiting.  The weather was gorgeous, so we spent most of the afternoon outside.

Papa D put a motor on his bike.  Ben loved riding it.  The little boys thought it was pretty cool too!
 All the boys played football.  Sam even played with a broken arm!

 Emma Taylor and Sarah tumbled and cheered.
 Crazy kids
Sarah tried to train Bullet.  He finally jumped through the hoop!
 And Anna Grace played catch with Papa D.  

The rest of us relaxed and watched the festivities.  Such a fun afternoon!

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Granna said...

It was a fun, fun day!