Fall 2013

Fall 2013

September 24, 2013

{ Harrison's "body" }

Harrison has been talking about the "body" they've been making at school non-stop lately!  The kids had their bodies traced and then learned about the organs and the skeletal system.  He loved this lesson!

Today we had "Meet the Tiger Time Teacher" where we were able to go and observe their Tiger Time class (that what they call their reading/language class).  I've met Mrs. Lindsey before, but loved seeing how she works with the kids in class.  I was amazed at how quiet the room was when I walked in.  She told me she had a really great class!

The kids were finally able to take their bodies home today, so I took a quick picture of Harrison with his before I brought it home.  He told me (3 times) he wanted it hanging in his room, so it's now taped to his closet door.

I hope that thing doesn't scare me to death when I go up to check on Harrison at night.  Ha!


Granna said...

He did a great job!

Elle Sees said...

haha that would scare me!