Fall 2013

Fall 2013

September 18, 2013

{ Baby Luke }

I finally had  the chance to go over to Florence to visit Kaydee and Luke this week.  I snapped this picture during his 5 minute nap.  Doesn't he look sweet?
 We spent a lot of time chatting and hanging out.  Kaydee and I caught up too!
Kaydee is such a good little momma!  Luke's having some tummy trouble, but Kaydee's had him checked out and he started some new medicine this week.  Hopefully that will have him feeling better and happier soon.  

I'd forgotten how tiring a day with a baby can be.  My baby is 7, so I'm way out of practice!  I loved  spending the day with Kaydee and her sweet chubby boy!  

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Granna said...

He's a sweetie for sure!