Fall 2013

Fall 2013

May 21, 2014

{School's Out for the Summer! }

Emma Taylor and Harrison all ready to go on their last day of school.  ET had field day and Harrison had his end of the year party, so they were both excited!
Happies for their teachers.
 I was able to stop in at Harrison's party for a few minutes and snap a few pictures.
Mrs. Mims presented the kids with awards (or as H says, Rewards!) that were voted on by their classmates.  Harrison was voted "Fastest Runner," which totally thrilled him!
 Very Official.  :)
 H and his friend, Luke.
 We love Mrs. Mims!
Today was his very last day as a Primary School student.  It hit me a little harder than I expected! I know, I am crazy, but we love this school and all the sweet teachers.  He's not bothered by it though, he can't wait to get to the Elementary School in August.

No more car rider numbers necessary.

I can't believe we now have a Freshman in high school, two Middle Schoolers and a big ole 3rd grader.  Crazy!  Anyway, school's out, so let the summer fun begin!  Woohoo!

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