Fall 2013

Fall 2013

May 26, 2014

{ Happy Memorial Day! }

I am so very grateful for those who offered the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.  We can't ever thank them enough!

Our family enjoyed a little pre-Memorial Day fun at Pickwick Lake on Sunday afternoon.  Our little family was there along with Cameron and our friends, Kevin, Jennifer and Kailey.  We enjoyed gorgeous weather and relaxed at the lake.  Fabulous!

Right away, the girls wanted to hop on the jet ski with their daddy!

 Then later, Jennifer gave Anna Grace lessons so she could drive it herself.
She practiced awhile...
and then her sisters hopped on too!  They thought they were big stuff, even though they just rode in a circle around the island and we could see them the whole time.  :)
The boys were busy stacking rocks.  Maybe Harrison will decide he likes flip flops one day.  Ha!

While they were at it, I asked him to look for heart shaped rocks.  He found several!
Such a wonderful, relaxing day at the lake! 

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