Fall 2013

Fall 2013

May 17, 2014

{ Saturday with Cora Beth! }

The girls and I met Candace, Memaw and Cora Beth in Fulton this afternoon.  We had lunch, did a little shopping, played at the park and stopped for frozen yogurt.  Cora Beth kept us all entertained!

Sister loves some jewelry!

 She loves playing with Sarah.
Cora Beth loved combing Sarah's hair.  :)

We all had fun at the park.  Anna Grace posing with Little Bit!

 Memaw had fun on the seesaw, too!
Sarah cooled off in the splash pad for a minute, but Cora Beth didn't like it at all!
 Finally, we stopped for yogurt.  Yum!
 Sarah ate hers in this cool egg chair. 

What a fun afternoon with the girls!  

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