Fall 2013

Fall 2013

May 20, 2014

{ 40 is FUN! }

Happy 40th birthday to me!  I think 40 is going to be fantastic and I'm looking forward to seeing what this decade will bring. I have to admit though, 40 just sounds weird!  :)

Harrison had a genetics checkup due in May, so I scheduled it for May 20th so I could enjoy a little time in Memphis.  Mom came with us to Memphis to help keep Emma Taylor entertained while we were at the doctor.  The doctors office is a camp theme, so cute!
Harrison got a great report and doesn't have to go back again until he's 16, which is fantastic.  Here he is in the "cabin" (exam room) reminding me that I'm 40.  Ha!
As soon as we wrapped it up at the doctor, we started the birthday fun, which simply means we headed straight to Target.  Lol!
While we were in Target, we were asked twice if they were twins. :)
We had a yummy lunch at Steak N Shake, one of my faves!

We got home late in the afternoon, Granna took the kids and Lee and I enjoyed a birthday dinner out.  Seafood lasagna at Fratesi's is always a good choice.  YUM!  It was a fabulous ending to a really fun 40th birthday!

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