Fall 2013

Fall 2013

February 25, 2015

{ Snow Day }

We've had lots of crazy winter weather predictions lately and school even let out early on both Friday and Monday and then nothing happened.  Well today was finally a different story!  School was cancelled last night and nothing happened most of the morning so I thought the winter weather was going to pass us by again.  Finally a little before noon it started snowing and it hasn't stopped yet.  The kids are in heaven!

Emma Taylor went out first.  She was wanting a photo shoot!

Knox enjoyed the snow too.  When we took these pictures we didn't realize the snow was just getting started!
By the time Harrison decided to come outside the snow had really started accumulating!

 Kevin brought Kailey over to play with the kids.
 Lots of snow!
Kailey and Emma Taylor with Chill Bill!

Jay brought Quinn over to play with Harrison, so the kids were perfectly matched for snowball fights.
 These three were supervising.
 These kids made some BIG snowballs.

 Harrison couldn't escape this picture.  Ha!

We made some snow cream and later drank hot chocolate to warm up.  It's after 5pm and it's still snowing!  School's been cancelled for tomorrow, so we are enjoying it!

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