Fall 2013

Fall 2013

February 8, 2015

{ Happy Birthday to Kaydee and Morgan! }

Kaydee and Morgan both have birthdays in the first half of February, so Karen planned a little trip to get together and celebrate with them.  Morgan is in PT school down in Mobile, so it works out well for us to meet half way down there.  Plus, Amy lives in Montgomery at the moment, so we extended the trip by a day and were able to spend a little extra time with her and see the kids.

Emma Taylor's been asking for some "only child" time for quite awhile, so I decided this weekend would be a good weekend for it.  She gets bored after too much time with just me, so it worked out nicely that Hanna could be Amy's only child for the weekend too!  The girls had lots of fun together.  It was so warm they even swam a bit and played tennis.  In February!  The weather was glorious.

 While the girls played, we sat by the pool and visited.
 Here we are headed to birthday dinner for Kaydee and Morgan!

 The girls loved playing with Luke the next morning while we all got dressed and ready.

The hotel had a great little restaurant, so we enjoyed a huge breakfast before we headed out.  

It was a super quick trip and we didn't do much, just enjoyed being together (and Target!).

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