Fall 2013

Fall 2013

February 15, 2015

{ Valentine's Day }

Lee was out of town, at the Turkey Convention in Nashville, so the kids and I partied with the rest of the family all day.

The girls and I  started with lunch and shopping with Memaw, Candace and Cora Beth.  Cora Beth is such fun these days!

We stopped by Kathryn's new boutique in Tupelo and then headed over to the mall.  The girls all picked out some new outfits from Memaw for Valentine's Day.

We finished up with the mall, went home and packed an overnight bag for Harrison (so he could spend the night with Cameron) and then headed to Granna and Papa D's for dinner.  We ordered pizza and had some fun Valentine's Day snacks.  We also made out own sundaes, my favorite part!


We had a great Valentine's Day.  Hope yours was full of love too!

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