Fall 2013

Fall 2013

February 9, 2015

{ Watch Out! }

The girls got into the truck with Lee on Saturday morning and Anna Grace noticed a zombie shooting target in the back.  For some reason she loves zombies. Anyway, after seeing the target she decided she wanted to practice shooting.  Sarah thought it sounded like fun too, so while she was at basketball practice he and Anna Grace got the supplies together and off they went.

He wasn't sure what they'd think about it, but they both loved it!

Here's Anna Grace getting started.

Here's Sarah.
 The girls took care of the bad guy, that's for sure!

While they were in Fulton target shooting, Lee also let Anna Grace practice driving just a little (and Sarah cried the whole time! Ha!).  Lee said she did a good job.  She gets her permit in May, so she will be behind the wheel all the time soon.  Yikes!

The girls loved having some fun alone time with their daddy!

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