Fall 2013

Fall 2013

June 24, 2013

{ 10 years well celebrated and baseball is over for now }

We spent the majority of the day celebrating Emma Taylor's 10th birthday.
She LOVES Oreo Balls so I made some last night and she (and I!) had them for breakfast!  First picture as a 10 year old!
She had birthday money to spend, so we spent time at the mall and Toys R Us, so she could pick out some things.  She had good luck at Justice and Claire's (as you can imagine) and decided to make another Build-a-Bear too.  Harrison was pretty helpful and didn't even complain!

I normally don't let the kids do this jump thing, (I know, mean momma, but it's like $7.50 for about two seconds! Sheesh!) but since it was her birthday we went wild.  Ha!  Harrison thinks it's a girl thing to do, so he wouldn't have anything to do with it!
 She loved it!
We watched Monsters University, which was super cute, and then went home to get ready for baseball.

Harrison's last game of the season was tonight.  Thank goodness!  We love baseball, but it's too hot for me now.  We all about roasted!
Sarah and Anna Grace came back in time for the game, but AG skipped due to the heat.  She's no dummy. :) These two were proud of their brother!

 He had some good hits tonight and scored a run.
He was most excited about the trophy!
 Here's part of the team.  Several of the boys were on vacation tonight.
Papa D is very impressed with the cool trophy.  And I am very impressed with Papa D's tan this season!
After dinner we celebrated (again) with ice cream cake.  These Baskin-Robbins cakes are so ugly, but taste oh so good!  
 We are singing and for some reason Harrison is dancing!  Cracked me up!

 pretty girls!
And now we're watching MSU in the College World Series.  So far we're losing.  Boo!  This is the first time we've ever played the final series, so it's a big deal.  Come on BULLDOGS!

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