Fall 2013

Fall 2013

June 19, 2013

{ early June instagram & iPhone photo dump }

This is what we've been up to lately...
swimming pizza party
hummus at volta
brushing her dog
florida bound!
how harrison rides in the car.  aunt pat, do you recognize this blanket?
 dinner at fisherman's wharf
silly time at fisherman's wharf
girls at the wharf
the grownups
not the best hula hoop
 go to stinky's...order key lime pie!
he's had enough of the sister pics
 da beach
 perfect pina colada
 girls at lunch
 back porch fun
 we're home!  cookout with the shannons.
 sweet cora beth
 not loving lee's scratchy beard
 ice cream makes everything better
 a little yard work
 sister got some cool prizes at camp
 harry potter-ish
 camp craft
 mustache match
 dinner at granna and papa d's
 playing 3rd

That's it for now!  Should have more fun pics soon...picking Anna Grace and Sarah up from Camp Lake Stephens on Saturday.  They were super excited.  I hope they're having a ball!  

Summer.Is.Fun. :)

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