Fall 2013

Fall 2013

June 22, 2013

{ happy campers }

All three of the girls are back from camp and all three of them had a ball!  Hooray for camp!

Emma Taylor went to Camp Bratton-Green in Canton week before last and loved it!  She made new friends, worked on lots of crafts, swam, and especially loved the ropes course.  She loved it even more than I thought she would and can't wait to go again next year!

Here are a few of her crafts.
a God's eye
a clay heart

Anna Grace and Sarah went to Camp Lake Stephens in Oxford last week and we just picked them up this morning.  They loved it!  Both girls have been to camp several times, but this was their first trip to CLS.  They played lots of fun games, swam in the lake and the pool, slid down the zip-line and even cooked meals out on a campfire.  Such a great week!

Lee and the girls on Sarah's front porch.
 This is Anna Grace's cabin!
They had fun and were totally worn out.  Here they are on the ride home.  Ha!  :)

I love that all the girls were able to spend some time away from home experiencing new things.  I'm so glad they were Happy Campers!

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