Fall 2013

Fall 2013

June 9, 2013

{ Summer Vacation }

We had a super vacation to Destin last week!  We relaxed at the beach and pool and ate some fabulous seafood.  A good time was had by all!

We didn't waste any time when we made it in to town.  First stop, the beach!  The water was perfect on the first day, very pleasant waves.  Later in the week it was a little rougher!

First sand castle of the week.
 working hard!
 riding the waves
 washed ashore
running down the beach
 soaking in the hole
 sister and her pretty shell

We stayed at Sandpiper Cove and loved it.  It wasn't the typical high rise condo that we usually stay in and we really enjoyed it for a change  It was nice to pull right up to the door of our condo and not to have to wait for an elevator all week!  It also didn't hurt that we had a pool just behind our back patio.

The kids were all ready for dinner at Stinky's Fish Camp in Santa Rosa Beach.  Try to ignore the condensation on my lens.  :)

Stinky's was my fave meal of the trip.  We drove over to 30a and looked at Seaside and Watercolor (so pretty) and then stopped for dinner.  Stinky's shrimp and grits was outstanding and Lee loved the gumbo.  The key lime pie was hard to beat too (I saw the recommendation on kevinandamanda.com)!  I would definitely LOVE to eat there again.  We ate lots of delicious meals this week, but our other favorites were The Back Porch and Fisherman's Wharf.

Here's Anna Grace burying Lee's feet, which happened to be helpful at keeping the sunburn away!
 We all got a little sunburned the second day, so we all kept covered a little more.
 She wrote "RIP Daddy's Feet" in the sand.  :)
more sand castles
 lee relaxing.  we loved using the umbrella and chairs that amy left us when she moved!  :)
surfer boy riding waves
 cheerleading at the beach!
 emma taylor's bake shop...i tried the seaweed cake. :)
 this child was the shell queen!
 goggle faces
view of the bay from Dewey Destins
 not sure what this was all about...
 but the other two thought it looked fun!
 three girls and their brother
One night we went to ride go carts and bumper boats at The Track.  Emma Taylor and Harrison were only tall enough to ride the Kiddie Track, so they went first.  
fun times!
 Anna Grace and Sarah were able to ride a little larger track, so they raced each other.
 Sarah got a super slow cart.  Boo!  The people from the front of the line were catching up and passing her!
Anna Grace was able to ride the big wooden track, which was really cool.  She loved it!
It's a big multi-level track.  So fun!

After that, the kids and I rode the bumper boats, which I forgot had sprayers on the front when I hopped in!

Harrison and I got stuck in a boat with no sprayer, so we couldn't defend ourselves.  ha!
 Sarah was ready to go!
 So was Emma Taylor!
 Anna Grace was all about the pose!  :)

 getting drenched!

Here's the after picture.  I told you we got drenched, but we really had fun!

We finished up the week with more beach and more pool time.  Lee and I read at the beach and really had a nice time relaxing too. 

We made it home Friday evening and though we are wading through laundry and sand, we are so happy to be home!


Granna said...

Looks like a fun vacation and you captured some wonderful pictures!

Memaw said...

FUN!! FUN!! FUN!! The pictures say it all!! Great pictures! Beautiful family!!!