Fall 2013

Fall 2013

June 24, 2013

{ 10 years }

Ten years used to seem like a long time, but not so much anymore.  Ten years ago, this baby girl was born!

Emma Taylor on her birth day, June 24, 2003.
7lbs, 8ozs of pure sweetness!

Emma Taylor on her 10th birthday, ready to do some birthday shopping!
Now 54lbs of sweetness, plus some silliness and spunk! 

It's funny how time flies now, but life has been so much fun these last 10 years!

Happy 10th birthday, pretty girl.  I love you more than you know and hope you enjoy your double digit birthday!  :)

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Granna said...

I can't believe that little baby is now 10 years old! What a wonderful 10 years it has been! Happy birthday to my sweet Emma Taylor! Love her to pieces!