Fall 2013

Fall 2013

December 30, 2013

{ Duck Hunt }

Lee and a few of his buddies went to Stuttgart, AR to hunt and left on Christmas night at 11pm.  Crazy!  They got there around 3am, took a nap in the truck and then got in the water at about 5am.  Sounds awful to me, but they loved it and got plenty of ducks!

Here's Lee and Bo on the first morning.  Bo was in his PJs because he fell in and had to change in the truck so he wouldn't freeze to death!  Ha!
 They finally got some breakfast, checked into the hotel and slept until it was time for dinner.  

Here's Lee with Windy on Day 2.  They ended up with their duck limit this day too.  :)
Lee said it was COLD, but all the guys had fun.  Two days of hunting was plenty and I was glad to have him back home!

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Elle Sees said...

i've never been hunting before! deer hunting is the choice where i grew up.