Fall 2013

Fall 2013

December 4, 2013

{ We got one too...}

an Elf on the Shelf, that is!  The kids have been wanting one for years.  I think it's a tad creepy, but the kids begged (and agreed to buy it with their own money.  Does that make me a mean momma?) so  Snoopy has joined us for the Christmas holidays!

 They received a letter in the box along with their elf.
 The kids woke up to the message (and mess!) the next morning!
He had trouble making his hot cocoa!

 Emma Taylor's reading the letter.
 And Harrison is checking out the book he left behind.
The kids don't find him creepy at all and he makes things a little more magical around here!  I'm hoping he's a well-behaved elf.  Some of the other elves I've seen have gotten into quite a bit of mischief!  Here's hoping Snoopy is a little calmer!

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Elle Sees said...

that's sweet! if only he didn't scare me, haha