Fall 2013

Fall 2013

December 11, 2013

{ It's cold and I don't like it }

This is really just a picture post, but I thought you might all like to know that it's cold and how I feel about it.  Boo!

This is what's been going on lately!

 Party at Joann - they made their own purse out of Duck Tape!
 My girls with Lexie, the birthday girl!
Snoopy, doing his thing!
Baking M&M cookies!
 pretty dough
 happy little cookies
Now we're baking brownies...
 and licking the bowl!
Emma Taylor was so ticked off that she got one lousy pickle and the end piece on top of that.  She wanted a picture to show how she was wronged by McDonalds.  :)
 Sleepy boy not wanting to wake up for school.
 love the lights
 Just got this Thanksgiving note back this week.  Love it!
 candy came mustache
 Someone decorated her room for Christmas.
 And cleaned it before the sleepover!  A clean room is worthy of documentation.
Mia, Emma Taylor, Rachel (with M&M teeth) and Sarah baking cookies.
 Somebody's on the Nice List!
 Looking festive!
 His Santa ornament.  Thanks, Granna!
Cora Beth NOT loving the carousel.  Bless her little heart.  The big girls loved it!
 Time for Christmas parades.  Harrison and Cam rode in the Saltillo parade on Ben's work float.  Fun!
 They loved the bubble "snow!"
Sarah's cheer squad walked in Tupelo's parade.  She loved it!
 She's in the middle, but it's hard to tell with the blurry picture.  They were moving quick!
 Lee and I about froze to death at the parade!  Kaydee said I looked like a fashionable robber!  :)
We've had a busy December and it's only the 11th!  


Granna said...

Love the pictures. I really get a kick out of the kids! Actually you looked Muslim in that picture!

Elle Sees said...

they're so cute! the mcd's pic made me laugh. i would feel the same way!

Amy N said...

OMG - poor Emma Taylor with that pickle!! Made me laugh though!! You all have been BUSY!!