Fall 2013

Fall 2013

October 14, 2012

{ time to tailgate! }

Ole Miss played Auburn yesterday morning.  The weather was perfect, so we joined the Shannons in Oxford for the day.  Such a great day to be tailgating!

The kids always have so much fun!
Emma Taylor even drug her cheerleader outfit out for the occasion!

We were just on the edge of the grove, so there were plenty of trees to climb.  Emma Taylor, Harrison, Quinn and Sarah are checking it out!

 lots to explore
 time to relax

 games to play with Quinn and Landon
 did I mention trees to climb?
 Sarah has mad climbing skills!
Check this out...
can you see her in the tree....here's a closeup!  :)
 frisbee time for the boys

 games to play

 Harrison and Paslay...H loves Paslay!  He's a 6th grader, so Harrison thinks he's awesome!
 big crowd filing out after the game
 The girls had their picture taken with a "real" Ole Miss cheerleader!

Thankfully the Rebels beat Auburn, so it was a great day for everyone....at our tailgate spot anyway!

Here's part of the gang headed home.  Harrison and Quinn never ran out of energy, they ran most of the way.

We grabbed dinner on the way home, I changed into my MSU sweatshirt {:)} and then we stopped off at Jay and Belle's to watch the first half of the state game.  We had to finish the rest at home since it was after everyone's bedtime...including mine!  The Bulldogs finally pulled out a win against Tennessee.  Yay!  Happy weekend at our house!

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