Fall 2013

Fall 2013

October 31, 2012

{ It's all about the treats! }

Harrison is my guest blogger for a portion of this post.  He wants to share one of his favorite treats!

Here he is...my favorite first grader!

we mad treats for harrison's class.  they were good!  they were orange.  they have spreancls on thim.  it was made alt of marshmelos.

Harrison got tired of blogging quickly, but didn't get tired of eating these yummy marshmallow pops!  

These are good and super easy!  I saw these pops at my friend, Amanda's, Halloween party a few weekends ago and figured I could replicate them easily enough.  Here's the ingredient lineup...lollipop sticks, marshmallows, Wilton Candy Melts and sprinkles.  Easy peasy!

Pop a stick in a marshmallow, dip in melted candy and cover with sprinkles.  The hardest part is keeping the pops upright while they set.  I used some floral foam to hold the sticks while they set and it worked well.  Try them!

We loaded them in Halloween buckets and the kids happily took them to school to share with their friends!
See the Owl Treats?  The ones I said I wasn't making this year, since I've made them 3 years straight?
Well, some little 4th grader decided she "needed" them, so we made a few of those too.  They're easy, but time consuming.  But also really cute!  That's it for this year's Halloween treats!

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Granna said...

They look beautiful and yummy!