Fall 2013

Fall 2013

October 13, 2012

{ Painting Pumpkins - 2012 }

We have a busy weekend planned and started off with a fun Friday afternoon activity.  Painting pumpkins!

The kids put on their painting clothes and got to it!
 Sarah's looked like a traditional Halloween pumpkin.
 Emma Taylor's color block pumpkin.
 Harrison's starting with a maroon base!  
 Papa Smurf blue
 Anna Grace put a Phil 4:13 on hers!
 Emma Taylor added some dots...
 I just stuck with stripes.
 I love the top of Anna Grace's...even a cute stem!
Lee showed off and made this super creative and awesome pumpkin!  This Papa Smurf pumpkin is so much fun!
 Hard at work...or posing for the camera!  :)

Painting pumpkins is better than carving for our family.  This way we can all do it together rather than taking turns watching someone get their pumpkin carved by Lee - the kids get bored with this really fast.  I'm not a good carver...I get nervous that I'm going to cut myself.  The kids don't like emptying the "guts" out either!  The kids may decide they'd rather carve pumpkins when they get a little bigger and self-sufficient, but for now I love this tradition! 

The pumpkins are still sitting on the counter.  Once they're moved to the porch I'll add a picture of everyone with their completed pumpkin!  Happy Weekend!

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